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Agents Of Time

It all started in a store room, a drink and a bit of time.Three minds give life to the Agents of time. A real fusion of ideas and concepts that make up a single reality.Together they develop a rare style characterized by particular and refined sounds,contaminated by their own electronic mood, a major common interest.A rather suggestive experience through which it's easy to get carried away without noticing the uncontrollable time that flows and that doesn't find obstacles in front of itself.

Andrea Di Ceglie, Fedele Ladisa and Luigi Tutolo are the Agents Of Time. The italian trio started this ambitious project in July 2013. Their first album has been released on a British label, Stem Records, in May 2014; the debut was soon followed by the landmark EP "Polina", on Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant, played and supported by the likes of Tale of Us, Dixon, Tiga, Agoria, John Digweed and many more.; soon after they've been pleased to remix Whomadewho's "Traces" in January 2015.
The trio's evolving sound, a fusion of strong elements that deal with electronic, progressive, techno and ambient, found home again in the French label leading to the release of the Emperor EP (May 2015) and the single "Lotus Flower&qu...

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