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Oxia is a French DJ and producer...

OXIA (Diversions Music - 8bit / France)

Olivier Raymond AKA Oxia was born in 1971 in Grenoble, France. He got into music such as disco & funk in his early teens. While in college, his friendship with Stephane Deschezeaux kick-started a musical journey, with a debut on a local Funk radio show. At 15 years of age, Olivier already had started mixing; his mixes were influenced by a large spectrum of music styles: Funk, Italo-disco, New Wave and the early Chicago and New-York House scene.

By 1991, Stephane and Olivier bought their first bits of equipment and started to compose music. Not too long after that, Olivier became a resident DJ at a club in Grenoble, jumpstarting a career in electronic music. By 1994, Stephane and Olivier’s live act ‘Oxia’ was born. In 1995, they met The Hacker, Alex Reynaud and Kiko in Grenoble. That same year Olivier created Ozone records together with Kiko, where Oxia released their first EP.

In 1998, Olivier went on to create a new label with The Hacker and Alexandre Reynaud, christened ‘Goodlife’ in homage to the mythical Inner City track.
Olivier and Stéphane still produced several EPs together but by 2000 they ...

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